Sell Your House Fast

Need to sell your house quickly? With us you can!

The House Price Index for August from the UK’s biggest online property portal, Right Move, did not make great reading for those keen to sell their home in a hurry. It offers a very current monitor of annual and monthly property price changes to give a pretty extensive view of the market across England and Wales, and is based on around 90% of recently marketed homes.

It showed the biggest ever drop in asking prices for August, with prices typically cut by nearly 3%. Average prices were some £10,000 off a peak experienced in June as the annual rate also fell back during the month.

So if you’ve decided to move abroad, relocate to the other end of the country for work, or have a house on your hands that for some reason you need to sell without delay, perhaps because you’ve been left a property in someone’s will, the climate can seem challenging.

Of course, you can try incentivising your agent, improving your property, taking the best photos or going to auctions. But none of these ideas offers any cast-iron guarantees, and up to a third of conventional sales organised through traditional estate agencies fall through.

So it’s hardly surprising that, in a competitive market place, people are increasingly looking for alternatives, to avoid situations where a succession of buyers is repeatedly pulling out.

With lawyers potentially dragging their heels, and estate agents perhaps not always doing everything they could for a quick sale, it can feel as though your property will never be bought, even if you try bringing down the asking price.

Even if you do get a buyer, going through traditional house sale routes can seem to take for ever. Meanwhile, the funds that are tied up in your bricks and mortar are not being maximised the way you want them to be.

Happily, there is an alternative, and that is to go for a cash offer on your home.

You may not have previously heard about going down this route, so it’s understandable if you feel slightly wary.

But sell your home fast with us and you can look forward to a number of huge advantages, including:

  • The choice of a moving date that suits you, rather than being forced into one which may or may not be convenient.
  • Cash payment for your property of 100% – and your money comes through within days, you won’t be waiting around for months as you can be with some other house sale routes.
  • We know this can seem hard to believe, but we don’t charge any fees, so you won’t pay us a penny throughout the whole process. Just compare that to estate agents’ fees…
  • A hassle-free process during which you won’t have to waste any time being in to show prospective buyers around for viewings.